Scientific medical acupuncture

Acupuncture course for doctors in the Netherlands

Collaboration on the ideal of meeting the need for acupuncture education in the Netherlands. To this end, the WAVAN Education and Research Foundation (SWERF) was established in 2015. This was initiated by the Scientific Physicians Association for Acupuncture in the Netherlands (WAVAN). Since then we have been providing basic courses in acupuncture for qualified doctors as well as refresher courses for acupuncturists.

Basic courses

The basic acupuncture course consists of 200 hours of theoretical and practical education given by accredited acupuncturists. This course is offered in cooperation with the
German DÄGfA (Deutsche Ärztegesellschaft für Akupunktur e.v.). By providing
education in Northern Europe, this organisation has made a major contribution
to the spread of skilled and effective acupuncture. The SWERF examinations are
administered under the supervision of the Landesärztekammern.

Refresher courses

In addition to the basic courses, SWERF organises refresher courses and symposia several times a year. Renowned acupuncturists from the Netherlands and abroad speak at these events. The symposia are accredited by both WAVAN and GAIA (KNMG). Accreditation is also requested each time from the Dutch Doctors Acupuncture Association and the Dutch Association for Acupuncture. All organisations in the acupuncture field work together on the quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The demonstrability of results
plays an important role in this (evidence-based medicine, or EBM).