The lecturers of the basic acupuncture course

Our lecturers have a lot of experience in acupuncture education. They are all board members of DÄGfA and therefore leaders in their field. Read who they are here.

Dr. Med. Nike Arnstadt

Dr. Arnstadt followed her acupuncture course at the DÄGfA in Munich in 2004. Her specialisation lies in the reduction of pain in her patients. She currently gives private lessons in acupuncture and integrative medicine in Munich.

Dr. Med. Jürgen Bachmann

Dr. Med. Bachmann specialises in clinical pain therapy, from the perspective of acupuncture and the musculoskeletal system. He has been doing this since 1979. He is currently head of the Department of Pain Therapy, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation in Hattingen.

Naschmil Pollmann M.D.

M.D. Pollman is an anaesthetist, specialising in pain medication. Her practice for the treatment of pain, acupuncture and osteopathy is located in Hamburg. She has been authorised by the German Medical Chamber to teach acupuncture.

Dr. P.D. Dominik Irnich

Dr. Irnich is head of the Multidisciplinary Pain Centre at the Department of Anaesthesiology at the University of Munich. He is also vice-chairman of the DÄGfA, and head of the education centre. He has written an extensive manual about trigger points, called “Leitfaden Triggerpunkte”.

Hedi Luxenburger M.D.

Ms Luxenburger specialises in anaesthesiology and pain therapy. In addition, she has qualifications in acupuncture and natural remedies, obtained in Austria and China, among other places. She currently works in Aachen. She has been a board member of DÄGfA since 2007.

Dr. Wolfram Stör

Dr. Stör has been involved with DÄGfA since 1990. He started out in acupuncture education and has since been head of both the scientific centre and the education centre. He has spoken as a guest lecturer at universities such as Heidelberg, Harvard Medical School and Boston. His specialisations are general medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy and homoeopathy.