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10 november 2018 Psycho-emotional disturbances and treatment with acupuncture TCM

Acupuncture in the treatment of Psycho-emotional disturbances

Date: 10 november 2018
Docent: Sun Peilin doctor in Chinese Medicine (Nanjing University, Peoples Republic) and now living and working in Belgium
Plaats: van der Valk Hotel Schiphol, Rijksweg A4 nummer 3, 2132MA, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, tel  0252 675335
Time: 09.00 uur till 17.00 uur with one hour lunchbreak & 2 x 30 minutes coffee and tea
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Target groups: All acupuncturists and  acupuncture therapists
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2018  Analysis and treatment with acupuncture for psycho-emotional related disorders

Sun Peilin (Belgium)

TCM pays a high Attention to emotional influence in occurrence and development of any sickness. Although traditionally seven emotions are classified in accordance the five Zang organs, there are many other emotions, which could also induce and aggravate the sickness. Thus, thorough analysis could greatly determine the successful TCM treatment with acupuncture.

Thorough analysis means that fundamental understanding of how these form, what are the situations, which could influence these emotions and finally what are the procedures and the management for these emotions.

There are various kinds of psycho-emotionally related disorders in TCM, such as:

Lack of self-confidence
Manic -depression
Anorexia and bulimia nervosa
Autism, etcetera

Acupuncture Points and their combinations as well as the mechanisms of these points will be presented in the lecture, in order to achieve better therapeutic results.

The greatest point of this seminar as well as its main efforts will be the discussion of the ancient 13 ghost points

This seminar wil cover the diagnosis and their acupuncture treatment.

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